In compliance with EVF rules, registrations are transmitted by national fencing federations only directly with the EVF.

Note that registration is final once full payment has been received.

Registration procedure

The organisers will email National Representatives to invite the nation to participate in the Championships.

National representatives are kindly requested to send in due time to an email, confirming their intention to participate and the name and email address of the Head Of Delegation (HoD) who will be the point of contact between the organisers and that Nation.

The HoD will receive relevant instructions and password from the organisers to achieve registration of the fencers Entries will only be accepted from the HoD and not from individual fencers.

Composition of the teams

  • maximum 5 fencers per team, 3 fencers on the piste.
  • Veterans Teams (V1 + V2): Obligation of the presence in the team and on the piste of at least one V2
  • Grand Veterans Teams (V3 + V4): Obligation of the presence in the team and on the piste of at least one V4
Veterans 1 1973 -1982
Veterans 2 1963 – 1972
Veterans 3 1953 – 1962
Veterans 4 …… – 1952

Registration fees

In accordance with the decision taken at the last EVF Congress, the amount of registration per team is € 300.

We want to protect the account data for security reasons, so the Account data will be sent to you separately.

The registration deadline is April 25th, 2022. No registration will be accepted after this date. If you cancel a registration, your payment will be refunded until May 9th, 2022. No refunds will be made after this date.